A Bird’s-Eye View of Early Modern Latin: Distant Reading, Network Analysis, and Style

Maciej Eder
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About the author(s)

Maciej Eder is Associate Professor at the Institute of Polish Studies at the Pedagogical University of Kraków, Poland, and at the Institute of Polish Language at the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is interested in European literature of the Renaissance and the Baroque, classical heritage in early modern literature, and scholarly editing (his most recent book is a critical edition of sixteenth-century Polish translations of the Dialogue of Salomon and Marcolf). A couple of years ago, while doing research on anonymous ancient texts, Eder discovered the fascinating world of computer-based stylometry and non-traditional authorship attribution. His work is now focused on a thorough re-examination of current attribution methods and their application to non-English languages, such as Latin and Ancient Greek.

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