Re-Modeling the Edition: Creating the Corpus of Folger Digital Texts

Rebecca Niles and Michael Poston
About the author(s)

Rebecca Niles is Digital Texts Editor and Interface Architect for Folger Digital Texts, and manages the Folger Shakespeare Library Editions. Rebecca has been involved in the development of various applications of the Folger Editions content, including the Folger Luminary Shakespeare apps for iPad. Rebecca holds Masters degrees from the University of Toronto in English literature (with a focus on textual scholarship), and Information Studies (concentrating on the development and use of digital tools and environments for expressing and studying pre-digital texts). She was also a researcher in the Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) project (

Michael Poston is Digital Texts Editor and Encoding Architect for Folger Digital Texts. He is currently assisting the Folger Shakespeare Library’s Early Modern Manuscripts Online (EMMO) and Digital Anthology of Early Modern English Drama transcription efforts. He has designed and developed numerous digital projects for the Folger, including scholarly resources such as the Union First-Line Manuscript Index, PLRE.Folger (Private Libraries in Renaissance England), a paleography transcription and collation site called Dromio, a tool for teaching the history of the book called Impos[i]tor, and digital displays for Folger Exhibitions.

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